My sculpture uses its physicality to explore things that are not physical at all. I want to give an uncanny sense of the ordinary so that we may see, again and again, the potential in the everyday to transform.

The casting process offers a surface fidelity, but my approach is to encourage and then deny easy familiarity. Altering an object by changing its material make up begins to open up deeper interrogation. Surface becomes a way to go below the surface. I welcome confusion between what is real and what is imagined; what is physical and what is felt, or sensed.

Current works in the studio use the transparency of resin or the reflective finish of aluminum to invite the gaze past the recognizable form to discover an interior and less accessible world of the object. These embedded facts (flowers, crystals, and text) are cast simultaneously with the entirety of the sculpture. Obscured by the surface, these inside parts are slow to appear and reach out to a more intangible narrative for the viewer.

My practice is sourced in common interactions with my surroundings: reading a book, gazing into a mirror, and even watching TV. I am using crystals and sage (and colors of the rainbow) as a way to sustain positive energy both in the process and in myself. To me the crystals convey a sense of desired transformation and they help turn the mundane identity of the object into a more mystical presence of a portal or a vortex.