Artwork > 2021 CleaRsky

The CleaRsky platform originated in NYC with the aim of putting art back in public space without the constraint of institutional gatekeepers. Currently, CleaRsky has launched several satellite exhibitions beyond its initial space in New York including sites in Beijing, China, Medellin, Columbia, Antwerp, Belgium, and few locations in the USA. Boston's Hooverville theme, initiated by artist Fred Liang, locates CleaRsky in a tent by Boston's muddy river.

My intervention, titled Shelter in Place, responds to the theme of Hooverville by engaging the tent on the banks of the Muddy River with sunflowers placed as if to guard the site. The sunflowers, cast in rubber with a rugged and aggressive presence, affirm the location of the Fenway Gardens nearby. The sunflowers embody a feeling of perseverance, something that we all continue to need as we reconcile a sense of mobility in our personal lives moving forwards from this crazy year.